Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emo Snowflakes Melting in Louisiana

Call the Cops!  There is a Cop in my classroom!

A truly special snowflake at Loyola University in New Orleans saw a fellow classmate in a full police uniform and became “uncomfortable” at the sight of the officer’s sidearm. That’s right: the sight of Josh Collins, a Sheriff’s sergeant in uniform caused a delicate little flower to complain to the professor.

What did the professor of the Law and Morality class do?

He called the Cops because one of his students was a Cop.

No shit - I'm not making this up.

The cognitive dissonance on display boggles the mind. The professor called police – officers armed with guns – to respond to a police officer in full uniform - including his gun.

What’s worse, this wasn’t exactly the first day of class. In fact the semester is almost over, so Sgt. Collins’ was obviously a familiar face.

Josh Collins, a Sheriff’s sergeant in New Orleans, attends the classes at the city’s Loyola University.

In a Facebook post he explained how he arrived at class this week in his uniform as he didn’t have time to change.

However a fellow classmate complained to the professor of being ‘uncomfortable’ at having a police officer in the room.

Here is the actual Facebook post from Sergeant Collins:

The University’s response: Oops!

In response the university claimed the incident had been a misunderstanding.

‘A student in the class saw another student with a firearm, and during a class break said something to the teacher. The teacher contacted campus security to determine university policy.

‘Campus security directed the teacher to confirm that the student with the firearm works in law enforcement. The teacher confirmed that the student worked in law enforcement and the class resumed at the end of the break.’

The teacher/professor didn’t already know university’s policy on police officers on campus? C’mon. To quote Hillary Clinton, the University’s statement requires a ‘willing suspension of disbelief’.

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