Friday, December 23, 2016

Obama is going Full-Speed Retard in Support of Islamic Terror

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power raises her hand to abstain from voting on a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction at the U.N. on Friday.
In the most blatant and disgusting demonstration of his love for ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Taliban, Hamas. PLO, and other sundry Islamic Terrorists,  Obama has given his clear support for a condemnation of Israel.

Even in the face of pleas for sanity from both Democrat and Republican Senators and Representatives, Obama has extended his middle finger to Israel and a leg-up to Islamic Terrorists.

Obama's ambassador to the United Nations is toeing the anti-American line as commanded by the god-forsaking, Allah-embracing, whining, progressive pile of steaming cowardice otherwise known as Barack Obama.

Here is the story from two different and widely respected sources:,7340,L-4897550,00.html

In a nutshell, Obama and his UN stooges have sided with Islamist butchers in condemning Israel for building houses in their own homeland.  It was the first time in 36 years the UN Security Council adopted a resolution addressing the issue of Israeli settlement construction.

The one thing that allowed this travesty to occur was the absence of a vote from the USA.  A vote that was withheld at the command of the freedom-hating, islamist-loving Barack Obama.

This action is not a reflection of United States policy, it is an example of Obama's fetish of kissing islam's ass and spitting on western civilization.

I think I'm gonna puke.

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  1. And now get this: Today, secretary of state John Kerry, said that Israel's building of houses and neighborhoods in the West Bank has spawned terrorism and violence that jeopardizes lasting peace. It goes without saying that this must mean the rocket attacks and suicide bombers and other such atrocities carried out by the Palestinians against Israel must actually be considered as olive branches born by lilly-white doves of peace.

    The UN and the Obama administration's actions are akin to the doings of a bunch of Nazi rat-bastards.