Monday, December 19, 2016

Washington State Wet-siders

The Badger Lake Observer is published from the Eastern side of the Washington Cascades.  The Western side of the mountains is mostly infected with this kind of vermin.

The vast majority of counties, cities, towns, and communities in the State of Washington are good people that love our country, its heritage, its history, and the Constitution.  Sadly, the very very few jumbo-sized metropolitan centers are choked with hyper-liberal domestic terrorists such as Kshama Sawant and her ilk.

Kshama Sawant is a card-carrying member of the Socialist Alternative political party, and has not only been elected to the Seattle City Council, but has actually been returned to that seat by moss-for-brains Seattle voters.  Really - I'm not kidding .  Google "Kshama Sawant" for more subversive anti-American details.

A petition is circulating that has been signed by about 20,000 people to remove Sawant from office.

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