Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spokane: Sanctuary City Extraordinaire - I'm Moving.

Really - I'm not just bloviating like Hollywood snowflakes.  I've already bought a house outside of the city limits and can't wait to stop paying taxes to the maroons running the city of Spokane.

The most recent blatant exhibition of wasting the Taxpayer's hard earned dollars is this bit of lunacy:

Fearing Trump campaign promise, Spokane City Council votes 7-0 against religious registry

I'd write a synopsis, however I might upchuck on the keyboard.  I urge you to click on the link above and keep your barf-bag nearby.

Of course the local bubble-headed bleached blonde newscasters were all over the story with video of granola-munching tie-dyed and wild-eyed loons testifying at a long and drawn-out city council meeting.

They did get one thing right:  "Opponents accused Stuckart  (Spokane City Council President and leftest of the lefties) of grandstanding for political purposes and making a boogeyman out of President Donald Trump."

This comes only a few days after the elected overseers of Spokane declared that my soon-to-be-former city is not a sanctuary city.  In that vein, consider this:

Spokane Municipal Code Section 03.10.050 Immigrant Status Information:

Unless required by law or court order, no Spokane City officer or employee shall inquire into the immigration status of any person, or engage in activities designed to ascertain the immigration status of any person.

Spokane Police Department officers shall have reasonable suspicion to believe a person has been previously deported from the United States, is again present in the United States, and is committed or has committed a felony criminal-law violation before inquiring into the immigration status of an individual.

The Spokane Police Department shall not investigate, arrest, or detain an individual based solely on immigration status.

The Spokane Police Department shall maintain policies consistent with this section.

In essence, what this means is it is illegal for the police to even check on the immigration status of anyone, unless they find out if they have been previously deported and are in the act of committing a felony. However, since they are prohibited from looking into anyone's immigration status, that very thing is not possible . . . go figure.

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  1. Illegal aliens shouldn't be deported unless they do something illegal . . . for instance; illegally entering the USA.