Sunday, February 12, 2017

The City of Spokane says the Sheriff can't have a gun.

The pinnacle of lunacy in the arena of gun-free-zones

Here is a barf-inducing bit of gun-grabbing liberal bullshit.  The duly-elected Sheriff of Spokane County Washington was barred from entering the Spokane Arena – owned and operated by the City of Spokane – because he was on duty and carrying a gun.

No Guns for You!              

Really – I’m not kidding.  The local super-liberal “newspaper” reported on it yesterday:

For your viewing pleaeure, here is a direct quote from that story:

The no-weapons rule enacted at the Spokane Arena a few months ago snagged an unintended victim Saturday night – Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

Knezovich arrived at the arena for the Spokane law enforcement vs. Tri-Cities law enforcement charity event before the Spokane Chiefs hockey game when he was forced to disarm himself before going inside.

“They disarmed me at the door and I’m on duty,” he said. “I had to go put my gun in the car.”

Knezovich said he didn’t have time to argue because he had to get inside, though he plans to follow up with arena officials. “It was just a new level of insanity,” he said. “On-duty police officers do not get disarmed.”

Kevin Twohig, executive director of the Public Facilities District that operates the arena, said he couldn’t comment on the incident because he did not know what had happened. In general, on-duty officers in uniform are allowed to keep their guns, but officers not in uniform are not, he said.

“If they’re not in uniform how would we know they’re on duty?” he said.

Knezovich said he was wearing a suit with a badge on the lapel. The security staff recognized him and were apologetic, he said.  “This is atrocious.  Every year I go there. Every year I’ve been armed.”

Mind you, he is the Sheriff – not a deputy.  And he was on duty.  And he was wearing his badge.  And he was recognized by the Arena Employee that barred him from entry.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s department is a good-sized organization with hundreds and hundreds of sworn deputies, not to mention another gazillion administrative employees.  Ozzie Knezovich is probably the most recognizable person in the Spokane metro area.

In the State of Washington, the state constitution is crystal clear on the matter of keeping and bearing firearms.  Additionally, state law also prempts any City, town, county or other municipality from the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state.  ( )

Going even further, state law specifically exempts those possessing a valid concealed pistol license, or law enforcement personnel from portions of the state law that regulates firearms in publicly operated arenas and stadiums. 

However, since Washington State has been invaded by mush-for-brains liberals for the past few decades, it seems as though the law is no longer the law. The law, or policy, - or whatever the knuckleheads that run Spokane choose to call it - is clearly illegal and unconstitutional on a state level, not to mention a violation of the United States Constitution.

I myself have been barred from entry to this very same city-owned arena unless I was first disarmed after being forced to be wanded, patted down, and scanned by a full-body metal detector.

Just for chuckles, here is a link to the state law:

Oh yes – did I mention that the City of Spokane Washington is a Sanctuary City as codified by the Spokane Municipal code?

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