Saturday, December 12, 2009

H.R. 391 - Help Keep Breathing Legal

Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee has introduced H.R. 391 which will prevent the EPA from making it illegal to breathe, belch or fart. H.R. 391 must be supported and passed to keep Obama and the EPA from sticking another rusty knife into our backs.

Obama is in Copenhagen to sell America down the river in hopes of garnering some favor from the tree huggers. Sadly for him, the cap and trade legislation has proved to be a bit harder to pass than he originally expected. Even the gutless corrupt House and Senate have as yet refused to pass this legislation that will once and for all plunge a rusty dagger into the heart of American industry and agriculture. You see, it is not only the granola-munching tree huggers that are yearning for Cap and Trade, and draconian restrictions on economic development. No, no, my fellow Americans, it is not the environmentalist whackos that we must fear - beware of those rascally chinks across the pond. Fully one in five of all human beings on earth reside in China. The amount of pollution, smoke, toxins, fumes, emissions, and, yes, greenhouse gasses produced by the Communist Chinese dwarfs that of the United States.

They want nothing more than to further hobble the American economy with bone-headed fetters that will have no measurable effect on Global Warming, but will certainly institute rapid cooling of the American economy.

Which gets me back to my original point. Obama left the Nobel Prize ceremonies early to attend the Global Climate Circle Jerk in Copenhagen without the Cap and Trade legislation in his hand. Obama has already has told Congress that he will regulate greenhouse gases unless lawmakers deliver a cap-and-trade bill to his desk. The “endangerment” prerogatives also are the president’s bargaining chip in Copenhagen, where he plans on scoring his first diplomatic victory since his election night. The Supreme Court of the United States (see Massachusetts vs. EPA) has already weighed in on this and says Obama and his EPA can proceed to bulldoze the American economy.

In order to appease his comrades in Beijing, there is another plan Obama is about to pull out of his butt.

The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) is on the verge of moving to regulate so-called greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. You have heard about carbon dioxide - right? That is what comes out of your nose when you exhale. Yep - the good old EPA, a government agency that has the ability to unilaterally, and with congressional or taxpayer approval, to regulate or completely ban emissions of carbon dioxide. If they so choose, the EPA can make you a criminal each time you exhale.

At the other end of the spectrum -literally - is methane gas. God forbid that you let loose a fart and doom the polar ice shelf to extinction. Regulation of carbon dioxide and methane by the EPA will essentially put Dairymen and Cattle Ranchers out of business. No more free government cheese for the crack-infested welfare moms either.

Think I'm joking?

Last week, two environmentalist groups petitioned the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Soon the EPA will have no choice. Once the Clean air act kicks in — and it will — the American economy is, not to put too fine a point on it, screwed. Taken to the extent mandated under the Clean Air Act, the EPA would probably have to order the shut-down of most industrial suppliers and users of conventional energy, in addition to most agricultural operations involving animals. No more eggs, butter, milk, meat, wool, etc. etc. etc.

Representative Blackburn of Tennessee has introduced H.R. 391 which will prevent the EPA from making it illegal to breathe, belch or fart. H.R. 391 must be supported and passed to keep Obama and the EPA from sticking another rusty knife into our backs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can a Muslim be a good American?

I find this to be an interesting "proposition" or "theorem" not only in view of the circumstances at Ft. Hood but also in view of the transgressions of both "Christians" and "Jews" and "Hindu's" and "Shintos" and pretty much all the members of the worlds "big' religions if they are measured by these same standards.

Hmmm, wonder if we need to review the "Crusades" and the "discovery" of the new world and treatment of the "natives" therein etc., etc., etc. And I do believe the US Army's most decorated WW-2 unit [I may not have that part precisely correct] was comprised of "Japanese Americans" fighting in Europe. Anyway I feel certain we'll learn some interesting "facts" about how the Army "missed" this guy and why; and especially in service in the psychiatiric corp.

Can a Muslim be a real American?

In light of the murders at Ft. Hood by a Muslim Officer (who had sworn to defend the people, our Constitution and the United States) this article becomes more timely and real than ever;

Can a good Muslim be a good American?

I sent that question to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.

The following is his reply:

Theologically - no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia.

Religiously - no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah
except Islam.

Scripturally - no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of
Islam and the Quran (Koran).

Geographically - no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

Socially - no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make
friends with Christians or Jews.

Politically - no. Because he must submit to the mullah (spiritual
leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and Destruction of America, the great Satan.

Domestically - no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him.

Intellectually - no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

Philosophically - no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

Spiritually - no. Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christian's God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in The Quran's 99 excellent names.

Therefore after much study and deliberation....perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot be both "good" Muslims and good Americans.

Call it what you's still the truth.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama's Fog of War

This column expresses exactly what I have been ranting about for a long time.

"I have come to the conclusion that the real reason this gifted communicator (Obama) has become so bad at communicating is that he doesn't really believe a word that he is saying."

In my opinion the befuddled communications are as much an artifact of not understanding as not believing.

For example, take my Boss (please!) - a perfect display of the Peter Principle. Advanced far beyond actual capabilities, yet far below perceived greatness.

This mental midget insists on personally presenting technical reports to the client.

An Obama-esque ego prevents the experts from doing the talking. After all - the Boss is the Boss! Even after multiple sessions to get up to speed on the technical specs and sequence of events, grasp of the details are invariably feeble.

Each and every time, poorly chosen words flow and Power-Point slides blur into an incoherent haze. The Client invariably glazes over until the barrage of nonsense slows to a dull roar. They look about the room begging for an explanation. Recently, they have been calling or stopping by my office to get the story before the presentations so these painful meetings might be cut short.

Too bad the American public doesn't have that same opportunity.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taliban on vacation for 19 months

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is sending 30,000 extra U.S. troops to Afghanistan on an accelerated timetable that will have the first Marines there as early as Christmas and all forces in place by summer. But he'll also declare Tuesday night that troops will start leaving in 19 months.

So, If you were the Taliban what would you do for the next 19 months?

These folks have been waging war against the infidels for about 1500 years. I'd guess that a 19 month sabbatical would not really cramp their style.

Then, after a well deserved rest, they can get back to murder and mayhem without those pesky soldiers to contend with.

On the other hand, some of the more crafty Soldiers of Allah may choose to trim their beards and sign up for training as part of the Afghan Police force. Imagine - more than a year of training in the nuances of US Military tactics. Not to mention good food, a nice crisp new uniform and a shiny new gun - all provided by Uncle Sam and the American taxpayer.

In a year or so, after the American Infidels leave, the country will be theirs for the taking.

Barry - you're gonna have some splainin' to do!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Psalm 109: A Prayer for the Punishment of the Wicked

This is rich - really rich.

The hot topic lately has been the "Pray for Obama" bumper stickers, tee-shirts, and other cool merchandise.

FYI, Psalm 109.8 : "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

As soon as the Obama propaganda machine heard of it they started sending off threatening memos to various store fronts such as, Cafe Press,, etc.

In a typical liberal-Socialist kneejerk reaction these outfits immediately pulled all of the Psalm 109.8 merchandise. According to them, they wanted no part in what the Obama-maniacs said were tantamount to death threats.

Cafe Press:
"This morning we made the decision to remove all Psalms 109:8 designs from CafePress."
Zazzle will not permit products that may be interpreted to suggest violence toward the President.

That alone is enough to make one up-chuck. However the true nature of these "Liberal with your money, but Conservative with mine" hypocrites soon became apparent.

The huge and instantaneous uproar from millions of consumers that wanted this merchandise instantly convinced these companies to reverse their short-lived pro-Obama, anti-First Amendment policies.

After all - there is profit to be made.

Say hallelujah!

You can once again go out and buy a whole boatload of "Pray for Obama Psalm 109.8" merchandise.

Say hallelujah!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obamaspeak. Allahu Akbar

This morning there was video on the Yahoo front page with the tittle “Obama urges congress to end Ft. Hood Probe.”

Obama begins, of course, giving lip service in honor of Veteran’s day. Those words coming from his lips was almost enough to make me go back to my solitaire game.

The next minute or so, Obama tells us that he will find who was responsible for not acting on the clues that Nidal Hasan was scheming to commit mayhem and murder. Very smoothly, he is shifting the responsibility from the Muslim terrorists and their backers to the military itself!

Unbelievable - he is blaming the victims not the criminals!

I’m not kidding - watch the video and listen. Run it through a couple of times. The Muslim terrorists are never blamed. He is telling us that fault will be found in the US military,

Towards the end, Obama, says:

“we should resist the temptation to turn this into political theater”.

A fine example of Obamaspeak. The intent is opposite of what is spoken. The obvious motive for conducting the trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and his conspirators in a civilian court, in public, in the heart of NYC, is to give scumbag Muslim terrorists a forum that will garner more attention than the OJ trial. You can bet your last Obama Buck that attorneys bought and paid for by the Saudis will put this bully pulpit to great use. Their mission is not to free KSM, but to tell the world how the attacks upon America, and everything that She stands for, was not only justified, but approved by God himself. “Allahu Akbar!”

Since I’m on the topic of Obamaspeak, here is another one that I was going to let slide. When Obama spoke at Ft. Hood on November 10, he said this:

“And for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice - in this world, and the next”

Ok - that sounds good on the surface -especially from our perspective as Americans. However, what would your run-of-the-mill Jihadist think Barry was saying? KSM would certainly say that for Nidal Hasan, justice in the next world will include 72 virgins in the land of milk and honey as a reward for being a good little Muslim. “Allahu Akbar!”

Hang those bastards in the back room of a slaughter house, and feed their bodies to the hogs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Islamic Terrorist meets Allah Tomorrow (we hope)

Cross your fingers.

One of Islam's dumbass murdering scumbags will see what Allah has in store for him tomorrow.

John Allen Muhammad, the Beltway Sniper, an avowed devout Muslim, is scheduled to be executed tomorrow for the Beltway-area sniper spree that left 10 innocent people dead in 2002.

You all remember this fine example of Islamic inhumanity. He cruised around the beltway in the trunk of a beat-up Chevy Caprice and a high-power hunting rifle with his sidekick Lee-Malvo at the wheel.

Similarities and parallels with the Ft.Hood assassin are astounding. You won't hear much about these similarities in the main-stream media, because, as our President has said, that would be insensitive and racist.

After all, Islam is a peaceful religion. Muslims are gentle people that would not hurt a hair on your head.

No - I guess not. If you chop someone's head off the hair is rarely damaged.

Oh yes - back to the Muslim Murderer of the Beltway:

Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its “slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy” and his belief that “the white man is the devil”, planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.

Malvo alleged that Muhammad had said: “We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorize these people.”

They then intended to move to Baltimore for stage two of their campaign, to shoot a policeman and then blow up explosives at his funeral.

More explosives would target the ambulances that would then rush to the funeral. Another plan to kill three busloads of schoolchildren was thwarted because the pair were arrested when Malvo fell asleep while keeping watch at a Maryland petrol station.

Muhammad’s ultimate plan, Malvo testified, was to indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a Canada compound who would “shut things down” in cities across America, unless they received £5 million.

Now, about Hasan and his devotion to Islam:

According to what is says on Hasan's business card, do you think this Muslim asshole was just a regular guy and not a Jihadist?

“SOA” stands for Soldiers of Allah. “SWT” stands for the Arabic words "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala," or "Glory to Him, the Exalted."

Did Army ignore warning signs of Islamic extremist?

I was going to write a bit on the Ft. Hood Islamic terrorist attack. In poking around the web, however, I found this page that touches upon many of the points I was thinking about.

I've not visited this particular site before, so take it with a grain of salt (as I'm certain you always do). Of course, it goes without saying that all my stuff is as pure as the driven snow and laser-beam accurate (well - mostly).

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

A few of my friends and associates have been exchanging views, jokes, & jabs at the expense of those in power in Washington D.C.

If you wish, take a moment to visit The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy over at Yahoo Groups.

Here is the address:

And here is the preamble:
The VRWC is a rallying point and a source of information about the activities of a conservative movement that we believe will sweep the political consciousness of this republic off it's feet.

Who are we? We are constitutionalists. We enjoy the satire and opinions from the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly. We are firm believers in religious freedom. We are tolerant. We are Tea Partyists. We believe the current administration is undermining the very foundations of our republic.

Many, if not most, Senators and Representatives are failing to represent us - the ones that hired them. The voice of the people is not being heard, and that is where our tolerance stops. Taxation without representation must not continue.

The words of the Federal Convention of 1787 are clear and concise. The Constitution of the United States need not be interpreted, it needs only be read. It is written in common language, by common men of uncommon wisdom and intelligence. The Bill of Rights is our Ten Commandments. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protect the citizens from tyrants and a government run amok.

The enemies of our country were not vanquished in World War II, or in the Cold War, but have been laying in wait - working diligently behind the scenes - laying the ground work that has allowed the socialists to seemingly come to power over night. Obama and his minions are merely dim-witted tools of a very clever enemy. This sinister adversary has been gaining power and influence over our dull, inattentive and lazy countrymen for many years.

We, and our fellow Americans, have a duty to awaken the sleeping giant that defeated the Socialists, Fascists, and Communists of the last century. Our government is running amok and must be reigned-in. The tyrants must be expelled. Elitist politicians must be humbled and replaced with common people having the love of Freedom and Liberty in their hearts.

We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more!

Line up for your yellow star

Last evening Dana and I watched the House of Representatives floor debate of Obamacare.

You all know the eventual outcome. It was not a surprise, but a huge disappointment.

The disappointment came to me in two different forms.

First, is the way that the opposing camps conducted themselves in the debate. The opponents of Obamacare frequently addressed the dimming of Liberty and Freedom that is being rapidly accelerated by this Bill. The proponents, understandably denied this, however, their disdain for the very words “Liberty” and “Freedom” was unmistakable. The tone, demeanor, and words of the Democrats speaking in support of Obamacare showed clearly, and without any doubt, that they consider Freedom and Liberty to be dead concepts that the opposition clung to only in desperation. Leaders of the Democrats such as Hoyer, McDermott, Waxman, Dingle, Rangle, et al, clearly despise freedom and liberty. They are enemies of Freedom and Liberty in the purest sense.

Secondly, was the unmistakable demonstration of lies and deception. Tuning into the debate last night without pre-conceived notions, or no understanding whatsoever of the personalities involved, would be flabbergasting. Speakers alternated back and forth; for – against – for – against. Without exception, clear and concise statements were clearly and concisely denied - over and over again. It was impossible to tell which camp was lying and which camp was truthful. There was, however, absolutely no question that only one side was speaking the truth.

It would have been impossible for an unbiased observer to discern the truth – until the leader of the opposition spoke his piece near the end.

John Boehner used the one weapon that could not be countered by supporters of Obamacare. He read from the bill itself. Boehner quoted from the bill’s 2000 plus pages, reading horror after horror. He quoted chapter and verse, section and page - in clear language, right from the bill.

When he closed, there was not a word if dissent from the socialists. They could not dissent. He was reading directly from the very document that in only a few minutes was to be rammed down our collective throats by Obama’s Gestapo.

I did puke.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama Health Care Financing Explained

A contributor on another forum
offered the following explanation of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care dilemma:

My son, Matthew (age 11) often have little discussions about various situations in the US. We were talking about the healthcare issue, and I explained that taxes will pay for healthcare, but not everyone pays taxes AND what can be collected in taxes can not begin to pay the enormous expense.

To illustrate, I said, "It's would be like me telling you that I'll take your whole class of 30 kids out to lunch, but I only have 40 dollars. What do you think each student could have for lunch?"

He thought for a moment, figured that each student gets a little over a dollar, and says, "Each one gets a coke, but nothing to eat."

There you go! Rationed healthcare

Indeed, a very good explanation.

There is, however, a very serious flaw.

This is the explanation of a 11-year old child. It will not be understandable
by the average Liberal.

Jihad in Texas

Jihad in Texas

So what's up with this?

"Hasan, 39, had spent years counseling severely wounded and traumatized soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., many of whom had lost limbs during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan."

What do you suppose this greasy arab buttwad was telling the wounded American Heroes - huh?

How well do you think this cowardly terrorist murderer soothed their pain?

Here is another wager I won't lose: 100 to one odds that asshole hasan was doing his best to indoctrinate the wounded soldiers to the radical terrorist muslim jihad.

Too bad the civilian police officer that shot him four times did not kill him outright. If hasan lives, he'll probably be allow to spend his days in relative comfort in a taxpayer funded country club "detention facility".

Oh yeah - and what up with the civilian cop?

Why is it that on largest military base on the planet none of the tens of thousands of soldiers could defend themselves? A local Police Officer, on traffic control duty, was the only one with enough training and courage to defend America from a murdering arab scumbag.

God Bless Kimberly Munley.

Munley was only a few feet from crazed Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan when she opened fire.

Wounded in the exchange of gunfire, Munley was reported in stable condition at a local hospital.

The hero cop spent Thursday night phoning fellow officers to let them know she was fine and to find out about casualties in the attack - the deadliest ever on a military base in the U.S.

I'm guessing that Barney Fife must have been trained at Fort Hood.

AP is now reporting that Lt. Gen. Cone of Ft Hood confirmed on the Today Show that Maj. Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" during his attack. Until this point, the American media have studiously refused to report this. As usual, the entire media establishment is devoted to obscuring the real threat that Jihad, the solemn obligation of all pious Muslims constitutes. DL Adams calls it "cognitive dissonance."

Bruce Bawer writes about CNN and CNN International's coverage of the jihad attack, which cast Hasan as the victim of anti-Islamic taunts, and medicalized the incident as the product of a disturbed mind.

Andrew Bostom disagrees with the see-no-jihad media spin:

The contemporary advocacy of such "martyrdom" operations by Islam's most esteemed mainstream clerics is what ultimately gives legitimacy to the mass murderous actions of pious Muslims such as Nidal Malik Hassan. This is the unspoken, but irrefragable truth our craven "elites" in the military, government, and media must be forced to acknowledge, and confront.

Looks like a jihadist, talks like a jihadist, murders like a jihadist.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obama Cutting Industry's Throat with Climate Bill

The Democratic controlled House is on the verge of voting on the climate bill without the GOP.

The Climate bill and Cap and Trade (Cap and Tax) are the two main tools being wielded by the Al Gore global warming psychos to destroy the American economy.

The Climate bill mandates grossly restrictive limits on the amount of so called "greenhouse gas" that American industry and agriculture will be allowed to discharge as a result of day-to-day business.

These limits are far greater than those of European countries that are pressuring the US to handcuff and fetter its own industrial and agricultural production.

Why are the Europeans (with dingle barry obama's support) putting the squeeze on the USA? It is obvious; the more restraints and the more hurdles and the higher the taxes on American producrtivity, the easier it will be for the Europeans to grab a bigger slice of the pie.

I can just see it now: The USA will self-impose these insane limits, and will force industry to abide by them. Other countries will adopt less restrictive limits, and then they will ignore them.

I'll give 10-to-1 odds on this prediction. Any takers out there?

And what about the factories belching smoke and fumes in Asia? Remember the Olympics? Most industry was shutdown during the Olympics in Beijing just to get the smog level down to a point less deadly than the San Quentin gas chamber. As soon as the gaijin (foreigners) left, the clouds of noxious fumes were back. The amount of "greenhouse gas" produced in Asia dwarfs that generated in the USA.

Asians are clever enough to not sign onto the Climate bill at all! Their factories are running full steam, while ours are being throttled back by Dingle Barry

As usual Obama is selling US down the river.

Her is a bit more information:

Take a look at the video of Dingle Barry sitting with the Euorpean leaders that have a death grip on his tiny little gonads. He is eager to sign the US up to higher taxes, lower productivity, and an increasing reliance upon the slimy countries across the Atlantic and Pacific. These are the same countries that America has saved from destruction more than once.

What have these socialist cowards done for US lately (ever)?

The Nazis did not die with Hitler . . . they are alive and well in Paris, Copenhaggen, Helsinki, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. etc. etc. - ad infinitum.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We have met the Idiocracy and it is us

We have met the Idiocracy and it is us

It was a little after 6:00 AM when the local radio announcer announced that he would announce the local election results in a later announcement. But now for an important announcement . . . I think it was an advertisement for zit crème.

One of my co-workers in the van clued me in on the one statewide item of most interest to me - Initiative #1033. Essentially this measure would limit state revenues and expenditures at current levels, with future increases indexed to the inflation rate and population growth. The spending limits would only apply to increases not approved by the voters.

Sounds OK, doesn't it? Don't see a downside – except for all those government programs with automatic increases in budget, and legislators afflicted with tax and spend syndrome. Dumbass elected officials might be a bit ill at ease if they had to actually get approval of their constituents before taxing the bejeesus out of us.

Initiative 1033 went down in flames by a very sound margin.

In the weeks before the election my television and radio were flooded with slick ads proclaiming that I-1033 would gut the budgets of seniors and schoolchildren. Grandma and Grandpa would be tossed barefoot out into the snow. And what about the children? Teachers would have their pay cut, and the kids would be scribbling on slates in a cold classroom lit only by a single candle made of bacon fat.

BULLSHIT of the highest order!

I-1033 would not now, nor ever, cut one red cent from any program, nor would it deny the generous, if not insane, funding of any project or program approved by the voters.

Oh yes, did I mention that the majority of funding for the anti-1033 came directly from SEIU? You do know that SEIU is the jack-booted union representing public sector workers. SEIU, intimately associated with ACORN, donated $61 million to Obama's election campaign war-chest.

Take a peek at this article about SEIU

Yes, Virginia, the electorate is deaf dumb and blind.

IQ of the average voter is exemplified by a City Council member that was re-elected to a third term here in my hometown. This fellow actually has tin foil lining the inside of his hat. Really – I'm not kidding – I've seen it with my own eyes. Councilman Tom Larson has also accused the city staff of sabotage when an overhead projector failed to project the image of a book onto the screen. No – I don't mean a transparency of a page in the book – I mean the actual book placed onto the glass.

Even after he flipped the book over there was no image on the screen (imagine that!).

I'm not making this up. I have witnesses. Dewey and Dana were both there in the audience to witness this spectacle.

Stay with me now - Remember the voters have elected and re-elected and re-re-elected this genius to be the steward of their community. I've always thought leaders should be wise and sage pillars of the community - not court jesters.

The local newspaper, the Tri-City Herald has been lambasting Councilman Larson for years due to his incessant stupidity and ignorance of each and every topic over which he has presided for the past 8 years.

He won the election only because he had about a jillion campaign signs emblazoned with his slogan "Protecting your Rights. Saving your Money".

Voters of our Idiocracy failed to take notice of small print in the newspapers, but big bright colors on campaign signs, and snappy TV spots grabbed their short attention spans.

I fear we are doomed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tea Party in Spokane

Dana and I went into town to day to participate in the Tea Party at the Spokane Convention Center.

Two big Tea Party Express tour buses arrived to greet a huge crowd of VRWC sympathizers.

This was the first Tea Party for both of us. It was a very inspiring experience to say the least.

I figure there were about a thousand red-blooded American Patriots in attendance.

Frankly, I was seething mad that the state of the union has reached such a perilous stage that good hard working Americans feel compelled to band together like this. This sort of thing has not happened since the dark days before the revolutionary war. Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech was delivered in similar circumstances.

When one speaker emphasized that the Tea party Express is not sponsored or supported by any political party - be it Democrat or Republican. He said: "We are Americans and we are Conservatives. We are not Democrats and not republicans. And we sure as hell aren't Liberals!" The crowd roared and came to its feet.

Corrupt politicians that have no one's interest at heart but their own are selling this country down the river.

Yes, it is good to have a vehicle for the "common folk" to express their views.

The sad - very sad and disappointing - thing I noticed was the complete absence of current elected officials or even a presence from the so-called Republican party.

The local news was there. News cameras almost always attract politicians. Not so in this case.

I've sent notes to our Senators and Representatives asking why they did not deem this event to be worthy of their presence. These folks that have permanent offices in the city, only blocks away from the Rally location, did not even send a single staff member to see what was going on.

I fear that our elected representatives are so concerned with straddling the fence that any real passionate response is out of the question.

There was a lone left-wing protester that stood in front of the stage in a Nazi-salute for about 10-minutes. He was convinced to leave quietly. I was surprised that he wasn't tossed into the drink!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Cap and Trade?

What is Cap and Trade? I'm glad you asked

It's a tax.

A tax to further income redistribution.

A slick way to move closer to socialism.

Take from the poor and give to the poorer.

A pox on the blue collar worker.

A bane on the energy generation states and a boon to the poor cities.

The Wall Street Journal did the math. The states that would pay the most in cost to buy credits are :

Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, West Virginia, Montana, Louisiana, Indiana, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Iowa.

This is based on per capita carbon equivalents in tons. Hardest hit would be working families - the 95% of families that Obama promised would not see a tax increase. They would pay 3.3% of their after tax income for the cap and trade.

Gee, too bad the Republican National Committee doesn't read the Wall Street Journal. Most working people would certainly favor a party that doesn't want to have another 3.3% of their take-home pay stolen.

Maybe they could point out that this breaks another Obama campaign promise. The "making work pay" tax credit ($400 to individuals and $800 for families) for people who don't pay taxes. This won't even cover the carbon tax, especially in high carbon use states. So, the government will make carbon emitters buy credits. They will raise prices. The consumer will pay the extra cost for power. The government will redistribute the money back, but it will not cover the tax credit.

Will less carbon be emitted. Maybe, maybe not. But, more taxes will be collected and returned to people who don't pay taxes.

Sounds like a tax, looks like a tax, smells like a tax. Must be a tax.

It won't be called a tax, it will be called environmental cleanup.

Just another little white lie from Washington. Who cares, I do, and you should too.


Think I'm making this stuff up again? Well, here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article which has a few more details.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heeee's Back - John (the coward) Kerry

Yup - Swift Boat Johnny is back as the Czar - Czar

Obama's new advisor on everything.

Dingle Barry Obama now has a flesh and blood teleprompter to tell him what to say.

Juat like the dozens of under -czars, Kerry has not been elected, approved, appointed, vetted, investigated, by anyone except for BO's handlers.

This guy will essentially be running the country just like a ventriloquist with his hand up the dummy's ass.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Senior Citizen Votes: $250 each

I had to read this article three times - I couldn't believe what I saw.

It is so obvious that BO believes he can buy the votes of Seniors for $250 each.

NO - Wait! He's using our tax dollars to buy them.

NO - Wait again! He is actually dipping into the Social Security account and taking even more out now so it will go bust sooner - just about the time you and I will be needing it.

I think I'm gonna puke (again)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel's Pacifist Prize

Here it is folks; the best explanation I've seen yet regarding BO's selection as the Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Some say they selected BO because they are fellow travellers, or socialist comrades in arms. This may be so - can't argue that point. Those scandinavians live under notoriously left-wing socialist governments.

However, as the story of the above link posits, it may be just because the Norwegians are a bunch of panty-waist pacifists. The don't do unto others no matter what they've done to you crowd.

Either way - we'll never see real peacemakers like Reagan, or Churchill, or MacArthur, or Patton, get Nobel's brass ring. It's because these guys were men of truth and action - not dreamers and liars.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another 9-11 Attack? Yes - No - Maybe?

There is a choice missing: Yes Positively

I've always spent a little time watching the tube on September 11.

As most of you can recall; in the days following the attack on Freedom by the Saudi-Arabians there was a lot of coverage by the main-stream media. All of a sudden, however, the coverage nearly dried up. How often have you seen other than a fleeting or sanitized image of the murderous jihad after October 11, 2001?

Personally, I recall that the most striking bit of video of that terrible day was from the vantage point of a city park looking toward the twin towers. The park was lush and green. The sky was blue and clear. People were relaxing, playing games, and enjoying the American Dream on a sunny September morning. From behind and directly above the camera, the airliner came into view. The plane pierced the tower and disappeared inside as a ball of flame erupted. The hopes and lives and dreams of thousands of innocent Americans were simultaneously snuffed out. I wonder how many of our own innocent countrymen on that plane heard the murderers screaming "Allah Akbar" in the seconds before their execution?

There are dozens and dozens of other images I have not seen since the first few days after the 9-11 attack. What happened to those videos? Why is it that what we are shown by the main stream media are long distance shots, absent gore and blood and pain? Where are the faces lined with teardrops? Where are the angry voices demanding that swift and terrible justice be brought down upon the enemy?

I'll tell you where they are.

They have been suppressed and destroyed by the mainstream media – a branch of the vast LEFT wing conspiracy. There you go - take a look at that phrase – "vast LEFT wing conspiracy". How often have you ever seen this in print?

How often have you heard this uttered by the likes of Katie Couric, or Matt Lauer, or Oprah Winfrey, or David Letterman? NEVER.

The anniversary of the 9-11 is being homogenized and mutated into a day of service by vast LEFT wing conspiracy. President Obama made certain to avoid the ugly scar in the ground where the World Trade Center once stood. The very place where America suffered the most brutal and unprovoked attack in history. The very place where thousands of hard-working Americans perished at the hands of bloodthirsty state-sponsored terrorists. A year ago, while Obama was acting as a presidential candidate he visited Ground Zero amid a veritable hoard of TV reporters. Now there is no longer a need for him to maintain his false-front of honor for the brave Americans that perished at the hands of his comrades.

Instead, Obama and his minions bestowed their favors upon ACORN sponsored free housing in Washington DC. The Habitat for Humanity project will house unemployed freeloaders suckling on the government tit. Ironically, those that freely offer their time and effort to build these houses are hard working (albeit deluded) Americans whose own taxes pay to support the leeches soon to be luxuriating in a new home.

Well covered by the media, it is images of Barack and Michelle Obama smearing whitewash on the walls of newly constructed Marxist barracks that we are forced to view as opposed of images of the continuing violent overthrow of America.

I think I'm gonna puke (again).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Absent Minded Chairman

When normal people happen to "find" their own money, it might mean a twenty left in a winter coat, or discovering change beneath the sofa cushions.

But if you're Charlie Rangel, it means doubling your net worth.

Earlier this month the Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee "amended" his 2007 financial disclosure form to the tune of more than a half-million dollars in previously unreported assets and income.

That number may be as high as $780,000, because Congress' ethics rules only require the Members to report their finances within broad ranges. This voyage of personal financial discovery brings Mr. Rangel's net worth for 2007 to somewhere between $1.028 million and$2.495 million, while his previous statement came in at $516,015 and$1.316 million.

This is the fellow that essentially writes the rules - his excuse was that the he simply didn't understand them.

Hello - McFly!

Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal's full story on this dirtbag:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Town Hall Generation Gap

Have any of you folks seen any of the snippets of video from the recent Town Hall meetings and Tea-Party rallies?

Next time you do, take a look a the age of the attendees. A lot more older citizens than I'd expect. I'd guess that the over-55 crowd vastly outnumbers the under 35 crowd. The classic generation gap.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that with the national debt rapidly moving toward that $10 TRILLION level, the folks that would be the most concerned would be the younger generations.

After all, those are the ones that will end up with the impossible task of paying the bill.

"Impossible" task you may ask?

There are two ways to look at it. First it is impossible because most of the Obama voters were hoping for a free-ride in years to come. Obama promised them a land of milk and honey with no effort needed on their part. Do you think the idiots that bought this line of crap will pitch-in and work hard to retire this gargantuan debt?

No way Jose.

Yet again, there is the dollars-and-cents approach to retire Obama's "impossible" debt.

There are about 300 million citizens in the US.(I won't bother to count the 40 million illegal aliens that are being exempted from taxes by the amnesty bill).

The median income per household member (including all working and non-working members above the age of 14) was $26,036 in 2006. In 2006, there were approximately 116,011,000 households in the United States

$10 trillion divided by 116 million figures out to over 85 thousand dollars from each an every one of us - just to retire the debt. Note that these are EXTRA dollars that must be added onto our regular income taxes if the debt is going to be retired. This also assumes that Pelosi and Reid will never again waddle up to the trough for more money - good luck with that.

Pretty hard to do if the median household income in 2007 was only $50,233.00!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Get Off My Lawn!

If you saw the movie "Gran Torino", you know what the title means.
The main character, Walt Kowalski, was a member of the Greatest Generation. American patriots and heroes that fought during World War II and Korea were the greatest any society has produced

Tom Brokaw wrote in his 1998 book The Greatest Generation, "This is the greatest generation any society has produced." The men and women fought not for the fame and recognition, but because it was the right thing to do. When they came back they rebuilt America into a Superpower.

I agree 100% with Brokaw on this topic.

The Greatest Generation beget the Baby Boomers, of which I am a member. Baby boomers are a cheaper cut.

If my generation is a cheaper cut, then Obama's generation - generation X is the hamburger generation.

"Generation Next", The Millennials, or "Generation Y", might be described as the rotting offal generation.

Next in line, Generation Z (those born 1990 and after), are the “used food generation”.

Used fooders were able to cast their very first Presidential votes in 2008. Very few of them did, however those that did vote voted mostly for Obama.

The Millennials and Generation Z are lazy, poorly educated, arrogant, with little if any grasp at all of what real life is all about.

No wonder Walt Kowalski was a cranky old man. The country that he fought and bled for is going to hell in a hand basket. Lets try to save a little of what the Greatest Generation left to us.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh - The Agony!

"Hey, Carl - How come you got this blog anyway? Why is the name of the blog Get off my Lawn? And what's with that URL - musta worked for hours on that one huh?
Don't ask.

Guess I just stumbled in here as I was goofing off instead of working on stock trading scenarios. Maybe I'll just take Dana's advice and buy some more Lotto tickets.

Anyway, the agony was from trying to think up a cool URL that I wouldn't forget. Couldn't do it - hence the good ol' runtogethername URL.

I suppose this will just sit here and take up a smigin of web space for eternity.
See that picture over on the side?

Yup, that's me. Got that hat at the Pendleton Roundup years and years ago. I'm holding a couple of black powder revolvers so Dana could snap off a picture from her phone camera.

Speaking of Dana, here she is with a couple of her little friends - Blackie and Red (you figure it out).

By now I guess you can tell we are supporters of the Constitution of the United States. Maybe if I get a chance I'll be able to share some of my views on that topic.