Friday, August 18, 2017

History has Stopped

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

― George Orwell, 1984

I wonder when the statue of Lenin in downtown Seattle WA will be removed . . .

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Antifa: ISIS of the West - Watch out Mr. Borglum

The Left does not merely want to re-write history, they want to erase it.

ISIS, Taliban, Khmer Rouge, Chi-Coms, and other sundry bands of zealots have been destroying monuments, religious holy sites, and archaeological antiquities. 

Now, the Liberal progressive uber-left are doing the very same thing.  Just this week a Democrat candidate for the Governor of Georgia has demanded that the Stone Mountain carving -  largest bas-relief in the world -  be defaced and ultimately removed.

Speaking of grandiose carvings in stone, what about Mount Rushmore?  Of the four American Presidents hewn there in granite, two of them were slave owners, and another has been denounced as a racist.  Abraham Lincoln is obviously next, since Antifa scumbags have defaced even his memorial in Washington D.C just this week.  The sculptor of Mt Rushmore himself, Gutzon Borglum, has been labeled a xenophobe therefore, I imagine this most American of American Monuments will someday fall to the stark raving mad "Anti-fa"

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I have a very high IQ - Where is my Disability Check?

There’s a new kind of “privilege” in town, and if you suffer from it, you can’t help it any more than you can help your skin color or your gender. (Although, of late, gender seems to be completely open to debate and have nothing to do with biology.) If you are an intelligent person, you have “cognitive privilege” according to an op-ed in the Daily Iowan.

Well, that’s just really not fair, is it?

With all the “privileges” out there that need to be kept in check, may God help you if you are white, male, attractive, and smart. You are public enemy #1 to the social justice set, you privileged scumbag.

I’ll let the author, Dan Williams, explain cognitive privilege because I couldn’t possibly do it justice in a summary:

We now know that intelligence is not something we have significant control over but is something we are born with. We are living in a society in which success is increasingly linked to one’s intelligence. This is not to say that intelligence is the only factor that is important. All that is implied is that below a certain threshold of intelligence, there are fewer and fewer opportunities. These opportunities are being shifted upward to jobs that require heavier cognitive lifting or else are being replaced by robots. Thus, the accident of having been born smart enough to be able to be successful is a great benefit that you did absolutely nothing to earn. Consequently, you have nothing to be proud of for being smart. 

So, in other words, if you’re not that smart, your job may be taken by a robot, and that isn’t your fault. I assume that this will eventually lead to the assumption that if you are cognitively “disabled,” the world probably owes you something. Because we’re all about “fairness” in the United States, right? RIGHT?

Furthermore, if you are smart, in the wise (cough) words of former President Obama, “You didn’t build that.” You just hit the genetic lottery and should be humbled (and perhaps a little embarrassed) as opposed to proud.

Will this be the next thing that kiboshes people who deserve it from getting a job? “We wanted to hire her, but she is smart. We have already exceeded our quota of cognitively privileged individuals, so we’ll have to go hire that dumb guy or we’ll be breaking labor laws.”

Sometimes there is so much ridiculous stuff out there that you all must just think, “She has to be making this up.” Oh, that I was so creative. Nope, this is the society in which we dwell, with one ridiculous outrage on top of another.

Disregard the fact that you could do something about your lack of cognitive privilege.

Of course, none of this takes into account the possibilities we all have to improve our lots in life. Between libraries and the internet, opportunities abound to learn more about basically any topic you want. Perhaps you won’t end up being a neurosurgeon, but what is stopping you from being an expert on some other topic that perhaps takes a brain with common sense as opposed to book sense?

If we all devoted our time to improving ourselves, instead of watching reality television and walking around with our faces and thumbs firmly engaged with our cell phones, perhaps the “cognitive privilege” of those who do focus on learning would not provide so great a disparity amongst our opportunities.

So much of this is a choice about how we spend the hours in our days. It’s about our drive and the habits we intentionally develop.

Williams doesn’t want you to feel too guilty if you are intelligent. Just the right amount of guilt will do:
The purpose of pointing out someone’s privilege is to remind them of the infinite number of experiences that are possible and the very large number of experiences that are actual [sic] that they know very little about. The purpose is to enlarge their moral consciousness, to make them more sympathetic to people who are less fortunate than they are.
Feelings of guilt are natural when coming to consciousness of one’s place in the scheme of things — and noticing that one has been conferred benefits through sheer accident — but guilt is an impediment to social-justice action, not a motivator (guilt slides easily into resentment).

Okay, isn’t that possibly the worst kind of condescension that ever existed? You know how feminists always talk about men with whom they work “mansplaining” something to them and how it infuriates them? Wouldn’t “smartsplaining” and moral sympathy be every bit as infuriating to one without “cognitive privilege?”

I don’t know about you, but if I had a “disability” the last thing in the world I would want is sympathy. Particularly if my disability was that I was stupid, I wouldn’t want the intellectual elite fawning over me superciliously.

Privilege is just the other side of the “ism” coin.
A while back, I wrote an article called The Great American Butthurt and it was all about how much I loathe any word ending in “ism.”

Words to express our affront are being made up left and right by the mere addition of “ism” to the ends of what were formerly perfectly neutral words. It seems like pundits can take basically any word and add “ism” to the end of it and that means they’re being slighted. The list of isms could go on and on, but instead of promoting more equality, all they’re doing is promoting more division. Isn’t that divisionism?

Personally, I’m affronted by the constant barrage of affronts. When did we, as a nation, become such weenies? How is it that such a collection of whiners has become the vocal majority? Certain people are constantly offended and demand the attention of others so they can express the epic level of their personal offendedness.

So vast is the recent level of Great American Butthurt that no mainstream news outlet is complete without breathlessly exposing a secret “ism” each day. These secret “isms” are called “microaggressions,” defined as “the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”
Oh my gosh. SHUT UP ALREADY.

How can our country ever again expect to be united when we are constantly divided by a never-ending series of isms and privileges? What if we just stop labeling everyone and everything and just be human beings with choices and personal responsibility for those choices?

I’m not denying that racism and sexism exist – of course, they do – but why would people spend so much time focusing on some perceived negative instead of focusing on the positive aspects of self-improvement? I’m also not denying that being an intelligent person makes it easier to succeed, but there are plenty of very bright people who can’t make a go of it.

When everything is an ism or a privilege, doesn’t that take away from the true, serious issues that exist? If everyone is so busy competing for victimhood, don’t the actual victims get drowned out in the roar? And if everyone is angry at everyone else for accusations about isms and privileges, it’s a pretty good bet folks will never be able to get along.

Success isn’t about your privileges or your lack of isms. It’s about your drive. It’s about the choices that you make.

We can get out there and make opportunities happen or we can complain about it. Guess which decision will make you more successful?
I found this item here:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Donald Trump talks striking North Korea ... in 1999! Fire and Fury

A Revolutionary Act

The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. 


In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


FYI:  Both of those sage bits of truth have been attributed to George Orwell - however, to tell the truth, neither are original Orwell quotations.  They don't even appear in any of his published works.  Good ol' George is, however, one of my intellectual heroes.  Truth be told, there are few that had a clearer vision of the truth and the future it portends than him.

Since millennial progressives don't actually read, invite some of your snowflake acquaintances to find a spoken-word version of 1984 by Orwell.

You'd best remind them that it is a warning, not an instruction manual.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

N.Korea Nuclear Pact Signing

Democrats keeping us safe since 1994.

How's that been working out lately?

No Brain - No pain

When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead.  All of the pain is felt by others.

It is the same when you are stupid.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Under New York law, your gun is loaded even if its not loaded"

Yup - you read the title correctly.  New York Assistant District Attorney Jack Ryan actually said that.  Worse yet, he actually believes that brutally harassing good, upstanding, law abiding American Patriots is a bigger part of his job than preventing crime and punishing those that commit actual crime.

Here is John Stossel's take on the fascist New York City goon squad of Mayor DeBlasio.

Have a gun license? Plan to bring your gun to my hometown? Don't.

Mean New York authorities will make your life miserable.

Patricia Jordan and her daughter flew here from her home state of Georgia. She wanted her gun nearby for protection.

Jordan obeyed all the Transportation Security Administration's rules: She put her gun in a locked TSA-approved case with its bullets separate. She informed the airline that she had a gun. The airline had no problem with that.

In New York City, she kept the gun locked in her hotel room. She never needed it, but her daughter told me, "I was glad she brought it just in case something did happen."

When leaving the city, Jordan followed the TSA's rules again. At the airline counter, she again told the agent she wanted to check her gun. But this time, she was told: "Wait."

"Next thing I know, they're getting ready to arrest me," she said.

Her daughter was crying, "Please don't arrest my mom!" But New York City cops arrested her, jailed her and told her she was guilty of a felony that mandates a minimum 3 1/2 years in jail.

Jordan's ordeal is not unique. Roughly once a week, New York City locks up people for carrying guns legally licensed by other states.

Another Georgia visitor, Avi Wolf, was jailed although he didn't even have a gun. He just had part of a gun -- an empty magazine -- a little plastic box with a small metal spring. He brought it to the city because it wasn't working well and he thought a New York friend might repair it. He couldn't believe he was being arrested.

"Somebody could've done more damage to an individual with a fork from McDonald's," Wolf told me.

Wolf, too, checked with the TSA beforehand. They said, just declare it to TSA agents. So he did.

"I'm telling them ... I have a magazine here. It's empty, no bullets ... Next thing I know they're pulling me over to the side, they're like, 'Do you know what you have in your bag?!' 'I know what I have in my bag, I told you what I have in my bag.'"

Following TSA instructions didn't do Wolf any good. "Fast forward about an hour and it was four Port Authority police there. The chief of LaGuardia airport is there, [as if] they thought they found somebody trying to do 9/11 repeat," he says. 

"They asked me if I had a gun license. Of course I had a license. I'm from Georgia, and everybody there's got a gun license. And they're like, well, sir, you're going to be getting arrested now."

Wolf and Jordan spent less than a day in jail, but each had to pay lawyers $15,000 to bargain the felony charge down to "public disorder."

"We are not going to apologize for enforcing our gun laws," said Assistant District Attorney Jack Ryan when I confronted him about these pointless and cruel arrests. He said New York City enforces laws as "humanely and as compassionately as we can."

But the system is neither fair nor humane.

Patricia Jordan kept her bullets separate from her gun, as TSA regulations require.

"The officer could not even find my bullets in my suitcase. I had to show him where they were," she told me.

That didn't matter, said the DA, because the gun and bullets were in the same suitcase.

"Under New York law, if they're together, they're loaded," says Ryan.

"They're loaded even if they're not loaded?!" I asked. Yes, he said.

I called him a sadistic bully (the full video is at He replied that New York City must make sure people are "not threats."

New York claims this keeps us safe. But people like Jordan and Wolf actually make us safer. Texas data shows licensed gun owners are seven times less likely to murder someone than a nonlicensed person. They also prevent some crimes. Nationwide, crime has dropped as the percentage of people with concealed handgun permits has risen.

Licensed gun owners aren't the problem. Crazy laws and callous prosecution are.

John Stossel
Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

“By not going to California, the life you save may be your own.”

Second Amendment Foundation Advisory To Gun Owners:

BELLEVUE, WA – For the first time in its history, the Second Amendment Foundation today issued a “travel advisory” to firearms owners to avoid going to California, warning law-abiding armed citizens that their civil rights could be in jeopardy due to that state’s restrictive gun control laws.

“The California Legislature has been out of control for years when it comes to placing restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of honest citizens,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb observed. “Right now, I wouldn’t suggest to any gun owner that they even travel through the state, much less to it as their final destination.

“Lawmakers in Sacramento,” he continued, “either ignored or have forgotten that in 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court incorporated the Second Amendment to the states via the 14th Amendment in SAF’s landmark case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. The Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms applies to state and local governments, but they seem rather oblivious to that fact in the halls of California’s Legislature.”

Of particular concern to Gottlieb is the fact that California steadfastly refuses to recognize concealed carry licenses or permits from other states. The state’s restrictive laws literally leave residents and visitors defenseless.

“If you are licensed to carry in your home state,” he warned, “that license is not recognized in California. It doesn’t matter how many background checks you’ve gone through or whether you took a gun safety course. Your license is no good in the Golden State, which suggests that your safety and the safety of your family are of no concern to state lawmakers or city administrators. You could be prosecuted for having a gun for personal protection, or you might get killed because you didn’t.

“By not going to California,” Gottlieb said, “the life you save may be your own.”

Friday, July 28, 2017

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength

On Fascism and Kryptonite

By Mike Wood

When I was a kid, I was more interested in gun magazines than comic books, but there was one comic book that made a strong enough impression that I remember it even now.

In this particular edition, our hero Superman traveled to an upside-down planet known as Bizarro World, in which everything we’re accustomed to is grotesquely reversed. In Bizarro World, good is bad, and bad is good. Ugly is beautiful, the worthless is prized, and the nonsensical is normal.

While it was intended to be entertaining, I thought Bizarro World’s reverse polarity of reality was disturbing—enough so, that the troublesome concept lingered in my thoughts long after the comic book had disappeared.

Reality imitating art

Fast forward more than four decades, and I sometimes wonder if I’ve awakened in that backwards, alternate reality. As I consider life in modern day America, I can't seem to shake the feeling that somewhere along the way, the wires got crossed and the current was reversed. The America that I grew up in was so fundamentally different from today's version, that I sometimes have to question if the two even share a relation. Did I somehow manage to miss a grand, cleverly-concealed, “bait and switch” of American culture, language, and values?


Take the recently defined “Antifa” movement, for example. These self-anointed “anti-fascists” have made a big splash as the masked face of a protest movement that seeks to block the advancement of a “fascist” political agenda in the United States by way of force. Their violent and destructive pattern of rioting, uncivil protest, and outright criminality has captured the imagination and admiration of many on the political Left, particularly those who oppose the policies of the current President of the United States, and his party.

Yet, even the most cursory of examinations reveals the incongruity of the movement. For starters, the angry, masked mob doesn't seem to understand how to define what it is that they're in opposition to. Consider the Merriam-Webster definition of “Fascism:”

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

One might wonder where such “fascism” is present in the American political spectrum? Where is the “fascism” that the trophy generation thugs have sworn to oppose with tantrums of violence?

Don't look here . . .

It's certainly not in the White House. For those who missed it, President Trump was elected to office by the American voters in a free and democratic election, and serves at their pleasure. He did not wrest power by force, nor subvert the system to attain his position. He simply delivered a more appealing message and platform to the majority of America (at least the part that wasn't too lazy to vote). He maintains the office at the will of The People, not by force of arms, and if The People decide he has failed to live up to their expectations, he will be removed from office as quickly and as peacefully as he was placed there.

So much for a “centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader.”

. . . or here

The President campaigned on a platform dedicated to removing the burdens of excessive government on The People. He promised income tax reform, an end to the penalizing and economy-wrecking Obamacare, and renegotiated international agreements that would restore American competitiveness. He promised job creation, a resurgent industrial base, and the liberation of the private sector economic engine from the firm grasp of government control, all of which would improve the quality of life for Americans—all Americans, regardless of class, social status, race, or gender.

So much for “severe economic and social regimentation.”

Orwellian dreams

The supreme disconnect of the Antifa movement is that it maintains President Trump is the “fascist” they oppose, despite the fact that he demonstrates none of the foundational attributes of a fascist. Yet, in a strange, Bizarro World-like twist, the “anti-fascists” are the ones most likely to think and act like fascists.

It's the “anti-fascists” and their political partners who would seek to split America up into racial subgroups that can be pitted against each other. The link between the oft-racist Black Lives Matter movement (factions of which have promoted attacks on whites, particularly white police officers) and Antifa has been ably demonstrated. If any group in contemporary American politics could be seen as “exalting race above the individual,” it would seem to be this collaboration of forces.

And while Antifa wont to decry the oppression of the state, the sad truth of our current state of affairs is that the state has been content, for the most part, to standby and watch as the masked thugs have rioted, vandalized, burned, and looted their way through urban America. The police have been directed to “give them space” to wage their destruction, and they largely have, ceding entire portions of major cities to the excited mayhem.

The “forcible suppression of opposition” in America has been coming not from the Right, but from the Left. It's the Left, with Antifa as the shock troops, who has repeatedly used violence to prevent conservatives from speaking before crowds that invited them. It's the Left who has thrown the rocks to break up the Free Speech rallies, and assaulted people for wearing Trump-logo clothing. It's the Left who has chummed the waters to summon the monsters that would shoot police officers across America, and citizens in Fresno, California, because they were white, and baseball-playing Congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia, because they were Republican.

It's the Left that pushes gun control in America, a proposition that, at its core, threatens to use the power and force of the state against citizens who exercise a fundamental, constitutionally-protected and recognized, natural right of Man.

Remind me again who the fascists are?

Inside The Ministry of Truth

In the Bizarro World of the Left, having a moral code is immoral, a human’s gender is subject to interpretation, law abiding gun owners are responsible for criminal violence, and an election is only legitimate if their candidate wins. In Left World, fascism no longer resides on the right end of the political spectrum, and the only reliable indicator of a fascist, is whether or not they don the black hoodie and mask of an “anti-fascist.”

It’s enough to confuse even Superman.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
"Big Brother is Watching You."
"Proles and Animals are free"

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fearless Barney Fife

Now, don't get me wrong - I like the police and the role they have sworn to perform.  Its just that the cops I see today are a lot different than the ones I knew most of my life.  Don't merely take my word for it - ask the retired cops that you know.

It seems as though every house that I've lived in has had a cop living nearby.  Two of my next-door neighbors have been Washington State Patrol Troopers.  One was a California Highway Patrolman, one was a city Detective.  I've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with police of all sorts:  Swat team commanders, County Sheriffs and their deputies, Chiefs of police from various cities and towns, and one guy was even the Chief of Police of the US Air Force.  Mind you he was THE Chief of Police of the ENTIRE Air Force with over 40,000 subordinates - not just a run of the mill officer.

Each and every one of these guys were self assured and calm. They were mostly unflappable in the face of very difficult circumstances.  They were slow to anger, and when they did get angry it was never a screaming hollering spittle-spewing anger, but a reserved and contained anger that could be focused and wielded like a light saber.

 One of my neighbors, a former city policeman and detective, has told me numerous stories of tussling with bad guys that meant him serious harm.  One time a ner-do-well even stabbed him but he didn't even draw his revolver.   He verbally reprimanded him to the point of serious embarrassment then slapped the cuffs on him.  I know it is a true story, because I knew the bad guy as well (we went to high school together).

All of those cops of yesterday are just as leery of today's cops as I am.

Everyone of these guys will shake their heads and say the same thing:  Today's cops are scared.  They are jumpy and nervous and unsure of themselves.

It is not police as a group, or police as a clique or a fraternity that is going sour, it is the individual person that is missing something. Maybe they didn't get spanked enough as kids to realize that a little bit of hurt won't kill you.  Maybe their fathers and mothers didn't instill a sense of honor and duty in them.  Maybe the phrase "cowboy-up" doesn't mean anything to them. Maybe it is something else - but there are some big pieces of old-fashioned courageous compassion and resolute toughness missing from today's boys in blue.

What  a pity.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Snowflakes Will Not Read This: "Are His Tweets Beneath the Dignity of The Office?”

I am often reluctant to post opinion pieces longer than a couple of paragraphs, however on second thought, any snowflake that comes upon more than 100 words in a row, or even a shorter bit peppered with multi-syllabic words, will seek a safe place.  That, my friends, will prevent the wanton waste of bandwidth for the brave of heart and clear of thought

This piece was passed along to me by a friend (Rick Owen).  I hope you read it - (don't be a snowflake).

My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.”
Here’s my answer:
We Right-thinking people have tried dignity. There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency. We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized “collegiality” as John McCain? We tried propriety – has there been a nicer human being ever than Mitt Romney? And the results were always the same.

This is because, while we were playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality and propriety, the Left has been, for the past 60 years, engaged in a knife fight where the only rules are those of Saul Alinsky and the Chicago mob.

I don’t find anything “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper” about Barack Obama’s lying about what went down on the streets of Ferguson in order to ramp up racial hatreds because racial hatreds serve the Democratic Party. I don’t see anything “dignified” in lying about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and imprisoning an innocent filmmaker to cover your tracks. I don’t see anything “statesman-like” in weaponizing the IRS to be used to destroy your political opponents and any dissent. Yes, Obama was “articulate” and “polished” but in no way was he in the least bit “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper.”
The Left has been engaged in a war against America since the rise of the Children of the ‘60s. To them, it has been an all-out war where nothing is held sacred and nothing is seen as beyond the pale. It has been a war they’ve fought with violence, the threat of violence, demagoguery and lies from day one – the violent take-over of the universities – till today.
The problem is that, through these years, the Left has been the only side fighting this war. While the Left has been taking a knife to anyone who stands in their way, the Right has continued to act with dignity, collegiality and propriety.

With Donald Trump, this all has come to an end. Donald Trump is America’s first wartime president in the Culture War.

During wartime, things like “dignity” and “collegiality” simply aren’t the most essential qualities one looks for in their warriors. Ulysses Grant was a drunk whose behavior in peacetime might well have seen him drummed out of the Army for conduct unbecoming. Had Abraham Lincoln applied the peacetime rules of propriety and booted Grant, the Democrats might well still be holding their slaves today. Lincoln rightly recognized that, “I cannot spare this man. He fights.”

General George Patton was a vulgar-talking, son-of-a-bitch. In peacetime, this might have seen him stripped of rank. But, had Franklin Roosevelt applied the normal rules of decorum, then Hitler and the Socialists would barely be five decades into their thousand-year Reich.
Trump is fighting. And what’s particularly delicious is that, like Patton standing over the battlefield as his tanks obliterated Rommel’s, he’s shouting, “You magnificent bastards, I read your book!” That is just the icing on the cake, but it’s wonderful to see that not only is Trump fighting, he’s defeating the Left using their own tactics.
That book is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – a book so essential to the Liberals’ war against America that it is and was the playbook for the entire Obama administration and the subject of Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis. It is a book of such pure evil that, just as the rest of us would dedicate our book to those we most love or those to whom we are most indebted, Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.
Trump’s tweets may seem rash and unconsidered but, in reality, he is doing exactly what Alinsky suggested his followers do.
First, instead of going after “the fake media” – and they are so fake that they have literally gotten every single significant story of the past 60 years not just wrong, but diametrically opposed to the truth, from the Tet Offensive to Benghazi, to what really happened on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri – Trump isolated CNN. He made it personal. Then, just as Alinsky suggests, he employs ridicule which Alinsky described as “the most powerful weapon of all.”
Everyone gets that it’s not just CNN – in fact, in a world where Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof are people of influence and whose “reporting” is in no way significantly different than CNN’s – CNN is just a piker.
Most importantly, Trump’s tweets have put CNN in an untenable and unwinnable position. With Trump’s ability to go around them, they cannot simply stand pat. They need to respond. This leaves them with only two choices.
They can either “go high” (as Hillary would disingenuously declare of herself and the fake news would disingenuously report as the truth) and begin to honestly and accurately report the news or they can double-down on their usual tactics and hope to defeat Trump with twice their usual hysteria and demagoguery.
The problem for CNN (et al.) with the former is that, if they were to start honestly reporting the news, that would be the end of the Democratic Party they serve. It is nothing but the incessant use of fake news (read: propaganda) that keeps the Left alive.
Imagine, for example, if CNN had honestly and accurately reported then-candidate Barack Obama’s close ties to foreign terrorists (Rashid Khalidi), domestic terrorists (William Ayers), the mafia (Tony Rezko) or the true evils of his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright’s, church.
Imagine if they had honestly and accurately conveyed the evils of the Obama administration’s weaponizing of the IRS to be used against their political opponents or his running of guns to the Mexican cartels or the truth about the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Obama administration’s cover-up.
This makes “going high” a non-starter for CNN. This leaves them no other option but to ratchet up the fake news, conjuring up the next “nothing burger” and devoting 24 hours a day to hysterical rants about how it’s “worse than Nixon.”
This, obviously, is what CNN has chosen to do. The problem is that, as they become more and more hysterical, they become more and more obvious. Each new effort at even faker news than before and faker “outrage” only makes that much more clear to any objective observer that Trump is and always has been right about the fake news media.  And, by causing their hysteria, Trump has forced them into numerous, highly embarrassing and discrediting mistakes. Thus, in their desperation, they have lowered their standards even further and run with articles so clearly fake that, even with the liberal (lower case “l”) libel laws protecting the media, they’ve had to wholly retract and erase their stories repeatedly.
Their flailing at Trump has even seen them cross the line into criminality, with CNN using their vast corporate fortune to hunt down a private citizen for having made fun of them in an Internet meme. This threat to “dox” – release of personal information to encourage co-ideologists to visit violence upon him and his family -- a political satirist was chilling in that it clearly wasn’t meant just for him. If it were, there would have been no reason for CNN to have made their “deal” with him public.
Instead, CNN – playing by “Chicago Rules” – was sending a message to any and all: dissent will not be tolerated.  This heavy-handed and hysterical response to a joke on the Internet has backfired on CNN, giving rise to only more righteous ridicule.
So, to my friends on the Left – and the #NeverTrumpers as well -- do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be “collegial” and “dignified” and “proper”? Of course I do. These aren’t those times. This is war. And it’s a war that the Left has been fighting without opposition for the past 50 years.
So, say anything you want about this president – I get it, he can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be undignified at times. I don’t care. I can’t spare this man. He fights.
 Evan Sayet

Evan Sayet is the author of The Kinder Garden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks. His lecture to the Heritage Foundation on this same topic remains, some ten years later, by far the single most viewed lecture in their history. Evan can be reached at
As, for the safety of society, we commit honest maniacs to Bedlam, so judges should be withdrawn from their bench, whose erroneous biases are leading us to dissolution. It may injure them in fame or in fortune; but it saves the republic, which is the first and supreme law. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Smartphones: The real Zombie Apocolypse

The Zombie Apocolypse is real.  It is upon us now.  The vast majority of those younger than the Theodore Cleaver generation have been infected.

The Internet wants and (in the case of most Americans), has control of your feeble brain.

It seems obvious that internet companies would calibrate their apps to keep you using them as often and as long as possible. But did you realize that these companies have become so good that your relationship with the internet has crossed from an affection to an addiction?

Scientists across the globe have demonstrated that shifting the internet from our computers to our phones has created an epidemic worse than the one created by smoking, albeit attacking our minds instead of our lungs.

60 Minutes recently ran a piece showing how Silicon Valley engineers are using what they know about the brain to manipulate us into staying perpetually addicted to our smartphones. Their investigation caught numerous firms red-handed as they used knowledge of brain science to increase the addictive natures of their apps. Snapchat, the social network for kids, overtly designed its “streak” feature to make users feel compelled to check in with other Snappers every single day. One 18-year old told Business Insider that “if you lose the streak, you lose the friendship.” Facebook’s endless scrolling format has been proven to keep you on the app longer. Instagram experiments with how clusters of “like” notifications, of varying amounts and at various times, will make you spend the most time on the app. That’s right, they actually withhold your “likes” to keep you checking more often.

It’s a simple fact that the purpose of a company is to generate revenue, and that companies do what they can—often through clever marketing—to make you purchase more of their products. Many of these techniques manipulate our minds; for example, advertisements featuring beautiful, smiling people create links in our mind between a product and being attractive and happy, even if the product is something as seemingly innocuous and unemotional as a bar of soap. Marketers have long known that linking a product to the brain’s pleasure center is a highly effective way to sell it.

The overall effects on society are usually positive or neutral – so what if every time you reach for that bar of Irish Spring in the shower you get a tiny shot of dopamine due to its positive associations in your brain. The worst individual effect is that you pay a few cents more for Irish Spring than for an equally effective generic bar of soap. It has a negligible effect on society as a whole.

Of course, sometimes advertising has a negative effect: in the case of cigarettes, for example. We learned the hard way that watching those beautiful, smiling people on television enjoying cigarettes made people want cigarettes. This led to emphysema, heart attacks, cancer, and very ugly smiles, ultimately leading to a public health crisis. It is with good reason that the advertising of dangerous goods is now highly regulated.

The concept of corporations manipulating the brains of their customers through marketing is not new. Neither is the concept of regulatory agencies making sure that those corporations do not advertise in a way that society has deemed too manipulative or otherwise detrimental.

Applying these concepts to Silicon Valley however, is unprecedented and murky. When television commercials first appeared, there were no rules, no regulating bodies, and no truth-in-advertising laws. Similarly, we’re now in the Wild, Wild West of the internet, smartphones, and apps that are competing for your money, your eyeballs, your time, and your brain.

It’s hard to fault the internet itself. After all, every app on the homepage of your smartphone serves a purpose. Many were “free,” included in your smartphone purchase, or obtained for only a few dollars. And many improve our lives – personally, I’d be literally cold and lost without my maps app and my weather app. Internet companies deserve to generate revenue and profits for putting out a useful product.

Making profit off a good product is one thing; purposefully manipulating us to make us addicted to a product is another. Comedian Bill Maher recently ranted about this very phenomenon on his show: “New rule: The tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that they are friendly nerd-Gods creating a better world and admit they’re just tobacco farmers in t-shirts, selling an addictive product to children. Because let’s face it: checking your likes is the new smoking.”

Maher may be a comedian, but addiction is no laughing matter: these are big issues with enormous consequences. A relatively small number of Silicon Valley engineers are experimenting with, and changing in a significant way, human behavior and brain function without serious regard for the long-term consequences. As damaging to humanity as the smoking epidemic has been, the consequences of tinkering with the brain could be much, much worse. As Bill Maher succinctly stated, “Phillip Morris just wanted your lungs. The app store wants your soul.” I would argue that the internet wants your brain, which may make the implications even worse.

Jeff Stibel
Vice Chairman, Dun & Bradstreet


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Little Rock Rap Club Shooting

17  25  28 shot and none died?

The state of marksmanship in this country today is a disgrace…

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Government: Where Hippies Go To Die

This is certainly a contender as one of the most moronic quotes of all time.

Florida State Senator Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg  was quoted saying this:

“I support the second amendment right to bear arms, but . . . I’m not sure that bringing guns to a gun fight leads to peace or leads to safety.”

Yep - he really is saying not to bring a gun to a gun fight.

I wonder what he would bring instead?

A pocketful of posies?

Or perhaps he'd merely hug the bad guys and sing Kumbaya.

John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Are you really stunned that the morons who stuck daisies in the barrel of National Guardsmen rifles now want to ban all guns from private citizens?

Monday, June 26, 2017

ISIS Supports Concealed Carry Reciprocity

According To Cyrus Vance Jr., the New York County District Attorney, ISIS is in favor of concealed firearms reciprocity.  Yes, he really said this.  He did not imply, hint, or otherwise allude to such a theory.  He actually said he was SURE it is supported by ISIS.

I wonder how he can be so sure . . .  Hmmmmm.

What a complete and utter moron. Does he think that without this bill, ISIS will not carry guns for fear of violating the law?  I'd be willing to guess that there are plenty of ways to conceal a gun under those hijabs, turbans, burkas, shemaghs, and other funky pajama get-ups worn by many self-respecting terrorist rag-heads.

Why is it that these blithering liberal idiots seem to miss the fact that gun owners are not killing each other in the streets of their own states, or states that have current reciprocity?  Or that states with the harshest and most unconstitutional gun laws also experience the highest "gun crime".

In the minds of liberals, people with gun permits (who are statistically more law-abiding than the police themselves) would somehow freak-out and turn into bloodthirsty psycho-killers once they crossed the boarder into NY.

The stupidity of liberals is absolutely astounding.

You may remember Cy Jr's daddy.  Cyrus Vance Sr. was Secretary of State for the bumbler-in-chief Jimmy Carter. 

Here is the full story:
New York County District Attorney Cy Vance offered some interesting takes on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act this weekend, including saying the bill was most likely supported by the Islamic State.

Vance commented on the bill to radio host John Catsimatidis during a Sunday interview on AM 970 in New York. He argued the proposal, which was drafted to treat concealed carry permits like drivers’ licenses nationwide, would make New York City more susceptible to violent attacks.

“If that bill passes, I believe the safety, and the greater safety we have achieved will be at risk,” he said.

The legislation, which now has 200 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives, would amend federal law to allow lawful gun owners to carry concealed handguns in any state that permits the practice, so long as those individuals are eligible to carry concealed firearms in their home state.

Vance argued an increase in violence could occur if the bill becomes law, as people from states with looser gun laws than New York would be allowed to carry concealed firearms in the city.

“It would be completely legal for a person to bring a loaded gun or guns in New York as long as it was legal to possess them in the person’s home state,” he said. “A guy from Idaho, where there’s no permitting requirement whatsoever, could carry his gun into New York City loaded, into Times Square.”

The prosecutor even went so far as to say that the Islamic State would be in favor of the bill and most likely were following its progression in Congress.

“This bill is supported, I am sure, by ISIS, and let me tell you why and I don’t think I am overstating it,” Vance said.

Though the measure would not affect the purchasing of guns in any state, Vance chose to cite an article from an Islamic State magazine that talked about ways to buys guns in the U.S.

“ISIS points its readers to America and how they could easily obtain guns by going to states where there are no permitting requirements or buy guns in one of the five thousand private gun shows around the country where no background checks are taken,” he said. “So ISIS is paying careful attention to this bill as well.”

Vance added: “I think Congress members have to think long and hard about whether they want to play into the hands of these terrorists. And New York is the number one terror target in the country, John, you know that. We don’t want to have folks being able to buy guns in Idaho, people who radicalize carry them into New York City and be completely legal until they pull the guns out in Times Square and start shooting.”

Monday, June 19, 2017

Looking for a Girl with a Gun and a Job

My better half and I, along with a few thousand of our closest fiends friends, spent last evening with Alice Cooper. It was quite a spectacle to say the least, and a great time was had by all.  One of his "newer" ditties (written over 20 years ago) seemed to actually be the Millennial Snowflake theme song.

Here are the  lyrics

"Lost In America"

I can't get a girl
'Cause I ain't got a car.
I can't get a car
'Cause I ain't got a job.
I can't get a job
'Cause I ain't got a car.
So I'm looking for a girl
with a job and a car.

Don't you know where you are?
Lost in America

I got a mom but I ain't got a dad.
My dad's got a wife but she ain't my mom.
Mom's looking for a man to be my dad.
But I want my mom and dad
to be my real
mom and dad.
 Is that so bad?

Oh, I think I've been had.
Lost in America

Well, I live at the 7-11.
Well, I'm tryin' to play this guitar.
Well, I'm learning "Stairway to Heaven"
'cause Heaven's where you are.

I can't go to school
'Cause I ain't got a gun.
I ain't got a gun
'Cause I ain't got a job.
I ain't got a job
'Cause I can't go to school.
So I'm looking for a girl
with a gun and a job.
(And a house, with cable)

Don't you know where you are?
Hey man, you're...
Lost in America
Lost lost lost
I'm lost 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Smoking: Bad. Assassination: Good

Smoking is banned on Network TV to prevent kids from seeing it and thinking it is OK.

The same Network TV will, howerver, glamorize, celebrate and graphically present violent murder and mayhem including assassination of the Presdident of the Unitrd States. 

Whats up with that?

The Concept of a Sovereign Nation.

In what country on this planet are non-citizens afforded the same - and even more - rights as citizens?

How can any reasonable discussion be had with someone who doesn’t understand the concept of a sovereign nation.

If this is what the state of liberal-progressive thought has devolved to, Liberal-Progressives are doomed to extinction.  Sadly, they are dragging this country down with them.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Virginia Governor McAuliffe says all Americans will be dead in less than 4 days.

Here is a direct and verbatim quote from Terry McAuliffe, the brilliant governor of Virginia.

"There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence."
   - Gov. Terry McAuliffe

At that rate, we will all be murdered and riddled with bullets in just a few days.

Is anyone else at all curious how complete and utter morons like this guy can be elected to public office?

 The above quote was reported by the CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) June 14, 2017.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Anderson Cooper Believes Turds Can Bounce.

Kathy Griffin Bouncing Back

Anderson Cooper has made it clear that he isn’t pleased with Kathy Griffin‘s controversial photo of Donald Trump, but the CNN anchor says he hopes his longtime friend can make a comeback.

Cooper said: “Look, I wish her well and I hope she bounces back and keeps doing what she does best . . .”  according to USA Today.

“People were assuming I was somehow responsible for this and I just felt I should point out that I actually think this is pretty important as somebody who works overseas and, you know, journalists get beheaded and this is not a joke,” he said.

Apparently, Coop believes turds can bounce.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Deport Detroit Doo-wop & Shoo-bop

Deporting maroons with names such as Juwan, Keevon, Deewon, Doo-wop, Shoo-bop, etc, would be as effective effective as banning Islamists.

RE: This from the Motor City

An attempted robbery outside of a Detroit liquor store Sunday night ended in an exchange of gunfire that left the suspect dead and the victim – an off-duty Detroit police officer – fighting for his life.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said in a media briefing that part of the crime was captured on surveillance video.

As the officer left the store around 11 p.m., he was approached by the suspect, who was armed with a gun. Craig said the suspect ran toward the officer with his arm extended and an exchange of gunfire followed.

Both the suspect and the officer fell to the ground, and as they lay there, another person approached them both, then took the first suspect’s gun, as well as the officer’s department-issued gun and cell phone.

Craig said the way the person acted toward the suspect led him to believe they knew each other.

The first suspect, who was later identified as 21-year-old Juwan Lumpkin, was pronounced dead at the scene. The 27-year-old officer, who has been with the department for about a year but has not been publicly identified, was shot in the abdomen and foot.

The officer was initially listed in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery. However, Craig said he spoke with the officer after surgery and he was smiling, optimistic and talking of returning to duty.

Authorities later apprehended Keevon Deewon Robinson, 19, who is accused of being the “lookout” during the robbery. According to a news release from Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, Robinson was charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

However, Craig said Robinson is not believed to be the same person who took the guns from the crime scene. Authorities are still searching for that individual, along with the officer’s weapon and cell phone.

Keevon Deewon aka Doo-wop Shoo-bop

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Notorious RBG must take a powder

Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote that a judge should extinguish all politics in public comments when elevated to the Bench.

Because Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg failed to heed those words, she should disqualify herself from the U.S. Supreme Court’s review of President Trump’s revised travel ban. 
In a series of interviews last July, she leveled disparaging comments about then-candidate Trump that were stunning and unprecedented for a sitting high court justice. 
In interviews with the Associated Press and the New York Times she remarked, “I can’t imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as our president.  For the country, it could be four years.  For the court, it could be –I don’t even want to contemplate that.”  Then she added that her husband would have declared, “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.” 
Days later, in a CNN interview, she said of candidate Trump, “He is a faker.  He has no consistency about him.  He says whatever comes into his head at the moment.  He really has an ego.  How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns?”       
Those words reflect a clear bias, if not personal animus, toward the man who would go on to become president.  Her public comments were not only injudicious, but reckless – especially given that Trump was about to win the Republican nomination days later and stood a chance of becoming the next president.
Every justice know that legal disputes involving the president and his decisions or orders will inevitably make their way to the Supreme Court.
The Federal Statute
The rules demanding disqualification are set forth very clearly by federal statute, 28 USC 455:
Any justice…shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.  He shall also disqualify himself…where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party.”  
The law’s application to the case at hand is straight forward.  Is there any doubt that Ginsburg’s comments demonstrate a personal bias or prejudice against President Trump?  Indeed, they show an outright hostility.
How can she possibly be fair or, equally important, be perceived by the public as fair?  She cannot.  The appearance of partiality is just as damning to the fair administration of justice as any genuine personal bias.       
Moreover, the language of the statute is mandatory:  “Any Justice shall disqualify” him or herself.  Ginsburg has no choice but to step aside from the case.  Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has taken it further to say she should recuse herself from all court cases involving President Trump.        
Would Recusal Impact The Case?
Without Ginsburg, the Supreme Court would be left with three so-called “liberal” justices versus four “conservatives.”  But the more moderate Anthony Kennedy is sometimes the “swing” justice, so there is no telling how he might cast his vote.  If he were to side with the liberal faction, the result would be a 4-4 tie.  That would leave in place the lower court’s decision striking down the ban, although the issues are still being litigated in the appellate courts.
However, there is ample reason to uphold the ban.  The Supreme Court has never relied on campaign rhetoric in deciding a case, as the lower courts did.  Why?  Because it is beyond the authority of judges.  Their duty is to examine what is in the executive order itself and determine whether it violates the Constitution. 
Campaign rhetoric is subject to change depending on how the political winds blow.  Candidates routinely alter their positions or even reverse their policies during the course of an election.  Such rhetoric is no more reliable than the weather.
The order itself states valid reasons for the ban.  The six identified countries do nothing to assist the U.S. to screen or verify the background of applicants, and those nations pose serious terror threats that jeopardize U.S. national security.
It is hard to argue that President Trump’s true purpose is to discriminate against Muslims.  Of the top ten countries with the largest Muslim populations, only one country, Iran, is on the banned list. 
If Americans are to have confidence that their nation’s highest justices adhere to the highest standards, then ethics cannot be something of mere “convenience.”  Judicial integrity must have meaning and certitude.  Decisions must be free of doubt that cases are heard fairly and impartially.  Antipathy toward a party is an unconscionable breach. 
The noble traditions of the Supreme Court will be compromised should Ruth Bader Ginsburg decide she is above the law and beyond the scruples it demands. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Swamp Things

Man-O-Man this is a long one . . .  About the right length for a screenplay.

Trump fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, Comey had no inkling he was being cut, all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department.

Notice how he emasculated Comey and the Swamp Things by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

The Swamp Things are on notice that the President is on to them, they are sweating bullets because their criminal games of corruption are being pursued and they know it. They are screaming and ranting because they are desperate Swamp Things that are beginning to realize they are roadkill.
THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMEY SCAM. Taken from credible public sources (readily available if you want to look)

1. Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton's totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a Swamp Thing years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.

2. Comey provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining incredible power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal.

3. Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons upped their corruption game and gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House. A huge part of the scheme was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison, and that is what Comey covered-up for the Clintons. This set up Comey to be part of the corruption machine, making him powerful and wealthy.

4. Immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department. Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.

5. In 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

6. In 2013, as a member of the board of directors of the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials. HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal). He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

7. After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, mishandling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin). Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary's tenure.

8. The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency (in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice).

9. In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to come out about the Clinton Foundation and its use by the Clinton’s as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors. (Even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity. It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit. Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds. A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations. Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house. Nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.

10. Judicial Watch and other independent sources obtained information proving that Hillary had been running her own server, sending out classified information, etc. This information came out right in the middle of her campaign to be President. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s lackeys, did not use subpoenas or warrants, lost evidence, allowed the destruction of evidence, failed to do any searches or seizures of evidence, did not use a grand-jury, did not swear witnesses, did not record testimony, allowed attorneys to represent multiple suspects (corrupting the testimony). A “slam-dunk” case became a mess. Immunity was given every witness even though they provided no help. By focusing the FBI on the email scandal, attention was drawn away from the bigger scandal of the Clinton Foundation that could bring down a huge number of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and even governments.

11. At the same time Comey started work on a parallel assignment to illegally “wiretap” and surveil Donald Trump and others involved in the Republican campaign. He was tasked with digging up any dirt or fact that could be used to hurt the Trump campaign. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain authorization for the surveillance and to try to associate Trump’s campaign with the Russians. Under Comey’s direction the Trump campaign was monitored and surveilled and all information was provided to the Obama Whitehouse and the Clinton camp all during the campaign.

12. Loretta Lynch was supposed to complete the cover-up for Hillary as Attorney General by issuing a finding that the deliberately botched FBI “investigation” did not justify prosecution of Hillary. But someone screwed up and Bill Clinton was videoed meeting with Loretta Lynch in Arizona shortly before she was supposed to make her decision on Hillary (interference with a federal investigation), and Lynch could no longer credibly squash the Hillary scandal. The solution, give the job to Comey. The Clinton’s owned him and he would have to do whatever is necessary to provide cover. Comey goes on national TV and violates every rule of the FBI, the Justice Department and American law enforcement by revealing some of the FBI’s “evidence” of what Hillary did (enough to make it look like the FBI and Comey did some investigation), then declaring that there was no “intent” and clearing Hillary. The Justice Department and Obama backed Comey’s cover-up and it looked like Hillary had survived the scandal.

13. Then, right before the election, the NYPD obtained Anthony Wiener’s laptop and found classified emails from Hillary on the laptop. The NYPD began leaking details to new-media outlets, and the story was about to explode. Comey once again stepped in to cover Hillary. He short-circuited the NYPD leaks by publicly acknowledging the laptop and the emails, but then claimed just days later that hundreds of thousands of emails had all been reviewed and “nothing new” was on the laptop. Once again, he had done his job, providing cover and FBI “protection” for Hillary on the newest scandal when it broke.

14. BUT TRUMP WON. The bottom-dwelling Swamp Things realize they are at risk from this political outsider who is not connected to the uni-party machines. Before Trump takes office, a “failsafe” plan is implemented to ruin Trump’s administration and try to force him out of the Presidency. The key players committed to the plan are the democrat politicians, the RINO establishment, the media, the Obama-Clinton operatives embedded throughout the intelligence agencies and the entire bureaucracy, and most importantly, the Obama DOJ and JAMES COMEY. The scheme is to smear Trump with Russian “connections,” through a fake FBI “investigation” and more importantly, to trap him into a charge of criminal interference with the FBI. COMEY IS THE CENTRAL FIGURE IN THE SCHEME TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP.

15. Surveillance of the Trump campaign continues after he is elected, participants are “unmasked” illegally, and transcripts are leaked to the media.

16. When General Flynn appropriately calls Russian officials on behalf of Trump, they bring out the fake “dossier” and surveillance of the campaign.  Comey creates the “Russian Conspiracy” investigation. With help by RINO Swamp Thing McCain, the fake "Russian pee dossier” is leaked to the press. There is no actual evidence of any collusion or connection between the Trump campaign with Russia, but that does not prevent Comey from initiating an FBI “investigation”. This provides Comey with protection from Trump firing him immediately. Comey's minions constantly leak news of the “Russia Investigation” to the media, and the media does its scripted part by screaming constantly about “Russia.” The Democrats fill their role and constantly scream about “Russia.” McCain and the RINO establishment do their part by promising to “investigate” how the Russians influenced the campaign.

17. After Trump is sworn in, the DOJ Hillary/Obama operatives and Comey start the direct attack. DOJ Obama appointee Sally Yates approaches the Whitehouse with news that General Flynn had been in contact with Russia and alleges that he might be compromised. The White House Counsel (who Yates talks to, not Trump) asks for some more information. The day before the promised additional information is to be provided by Yates to the Whitehouse, Comey sets up a dinner with Trump. If he can get Trump to ask about Flynn or try to intervene regarding Flynn or Russia then Trump can be charged with “interfering with an FBI investigation.

18. This is a two-pronged attack. It protects Comey and DOJ democrat holdovers from being terminated by the new administration because they are involved in an “ongoing investigation” that they control the timetable on. If Trump fires Comey then he is “interfering with the investigation” which is itself a federal crime that the FBI could then “investigate.” Alternatively, if they can get Trump to question Comey about Flynn or try to get him to back off of Flynn or the “Russia” investigation, then they again have him “interfering.”

19. Trump knows it is a set up by Comey and that he is probably being recorded (tips from FBI or DOJ who are not part of the corruption. Comey tells Trump that Trump is not under investigation regarding Russia, but that others involved with the campaign are being investigated. Trump does not take the bait and attempt to intervene about Flynn or the Russia scam. Later, Flynn is cut loose because he is being used by Comey and the Obama-holdover Justice to try to damage Trump. Comey verbally tells Trump on two more occasions that he is not being investigated, but refuses to state this fact publicly or when testifying in Congress.

20. Trump has to move carefully. He has to get his Attorney General and Deputy AG in place, get enough leverage on the Russia narrative, and ideally get rid of Comey in a way that allows him to obtain all the information that Comey has been accumulating (if he is taping Trump he is taping others). Comey, and others testify in Congress. Under oath, both Sally Yates and Intelligence officials from the Obama administration state that there has been no actual evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. More importantly, Comey, while refusing to say that Trump is not under investigation, testifies that he has informed the Senate Intelligence Committee heads who exactly is under investigation regarding Russia.

21. Trump tells almost no one at the White House that he is moving against Comey (so no leaks… no listening in on his conversations) Trump somehow contacts Sen. Grassley (the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and confirms that Comey told the Senator that Trump was not under investigation personally.

22. Trump seizes the moment and acts. While Comey is in California, 3000 miles away and 7 hours from his office, Trump prepares a letter firing him (with Sessions and the Deputy AG recommendations attached). In the letter Trump states that he had been told 3 times by Comey that he (Trump) was not under investigation. The letter is hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters by DOJ officials to lock-down and seize everything in Comey’s office, including all surveillance files (“tapes”) of Trump and others. All of Comey’s files, docs, computers and “tapes” are taken to Sessions at DOJ. They are not taken to the Whitehouse or Trump, but to Sessions, who has every right to have them.

23. Comey learns he has been fired when the media broadcasts it in California. On cue, the Democrat politicians and media begin screaming about Trump’s “interference with the Russia investigation” in accordance with the plan to set up Trump for that charge. The Swamp Things want to blow up the Russia narrative using Comey, and Comey is set to testify before Congress to try to hurt Trump by saying he was interfering with the FBI investigation. Comey intends to follow through with the plan to take down Trump. But because of his brilliant timing on this, Trump has Comey’s files, documents and information safely with Sessions at DOJ. Trump sends out a “crazy” tweet that says: “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.”

24. The media and the politicians go crazy about the “inappropriateness” of this tweet. They accuse Trump of “taping” everyone at the White House (forgetting that the Presidents phone calls with foreign leaders have been “taped” without his knowledge.) It seem apparent that Trump is telling Comey that the DOJ (who has every legal right to possess it) has the surveillance information and files from Comey’s office, the “tapes" obtained and kept by Comey. Comey and all the Swamp Things understand the clear message… their plan has failed and Trump’s DOJ is now holding all the cards.

25. The whole Russia interference scheme crashes and burns. While the mouthpiece media, Hollywood and the insane fringe continue to scream about Russia and Comey being fired, the politicians who will soon be in the crosshairs of a legitimate (and ticked) FBI and DOJ are starting to fall strangely silent.

26. Comey tells Congress he will not testify and writes a public letter to the FBI accepting his firing and telling them he does not want to discuss why or how he was terminated. Senator Grassley and Senator Feinstein (she must be covering her butt in fear …) issue public statements confirming that Comey told them that the “Russia Investigation” does not involve President Trump personally.

27. AG Sessions and his Deputy AG use the Comey trove of information to determine who has been part of the Comey Syndicate at the FBI. They will be appointing an “interim” Director of the FBI shortly who has not been compromised by Comey, Clinton or Obama. That “interim” Director does not have to be approved by Congress or anyone, and can immediately begin cleaning house at the FBI of all Comey/Clinton/Obama minions, initiating investigations of the Clintons, Clinton Fund, violations of intelligence confidentiality laws by Susan Rice and Obama, human trafficking in DC, political corruption… draining the Swamp. Using the Comey files they can be fairly certain they are not getting another Comey as an “interim", and they do not have to wait for the circus of appointing a new permanent “Director” through Congressional approval. Most of the heavy lifting on rooting out FBI corruption and starting investigations into the swamp will be done by the “interim” before a new director is appointed-the approval FBI Director process will be slow and tedious, so there is no political interference with the housecleaning that is starting.

Trump has eliminated a truly toxic and dangerous enemy to his administration, dealt a horrendous blow to the Clinton/Obama and deep state machines, begun the restoration of the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ, and gained incredible ammunition to begin hunting the foul Swamp Things.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Glenn Beck MOAB - Mother Of All Bullshit

I was listening to Glenn Beck on the AM radio yesterday afternoon.  Since I was on my way to the landfill with a pickup load of garbage, it seemed acceptable at the time.

As usual, I was not disappointed by Beck's incessant deception, fabrication, and outright lying.  The bit of fake news that caught my attention was his rant about the MOAB.  He said with what I can only assume was his straight-faced crooked grin, that the Mother Of All Bombs - otherwise known as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast - was priced at $314 million per unit.

Considering that a typical 1,000 bomb like the MK-83 goes for about $12,000 each, the MOAB which is essentially the same thing with more high explosive in a bigger container, should cost less per ISIS vaporized.  Sure enough, the real cost for a big-ass MOAB is only about $170,000.  Roughly 20 times less than Glenn Becks Fake statistic.

That guy is the Mother Of All Bullshit.